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Photovoltaic (PV)
A solar electric (PV) system can be a great source of sustainable income.  PV systems produce energy that you can use or sell back to the grid for a premium price. Utilities and other entities are willing to pay a premium for your clean energy.

How it Works:
Enough solar energy strikes Earth every hour to power human activities for over a year! When light hits your PV panels, energy is transfered to electrons in the carefully engineered materials.  When these electrons move they create an electrical current.  The current is converted to useful electricity in the DC to AC inverter. The energy can now be used in your house or sent back to the electric grid.

System Components:
 - PV Solar Electric Panels
 - Electrical Disconnects
 - DC to AC Converter
 - Electrical Meter
 - Mounting Hardware
 - Misc. Wires & Electrical Components

Show me the Money!
PV Schematic

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