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Solar Hot Water
Solar Hot Water
The solar hot water system is the most common due to its low cost and ease of installation.  The system preheats your water so that your water heater does not have to use as much energy.  

Save Energy, Save Money
2 panels and an 80-gallon tank can reduce a family of four's energy bills by as much 50%!

In a hurry?
Installation and activation usually takes less than 48 hours for a standard household of about four individuals.

What if it's cloudy?
Your panels are still going to be heating your water, just not as much.  Since your system is tied in to your auxilary hot water heater.

Isn't the government helping a little?
A lot, actually! The federal government is offering up to $2,000 in tax credits for the systems, and NC is offering a $1,400 state tax credit.  

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Photovoltaic Systems
Solar eletric, also known as Photovoltaics (PV) are a great resource and popular investment in sustainable energy.  PV systems function just like miniature power plants.  When the solar panels are exposed to the sun, they generate electricity that can be used by the electric utility.  PV systems are popular becuse they are eligible for 30% federal and 35% state tax credits!

Let the Utility Company Start Paying You!
Typical PV systems have a seperate meter than that which monitors your home energy use.  This means your PV meter will be moving backwards!  At the end of the month you'll be getting a paycheck from the electric utility plus you'll get paid by NCGreenPower, a North Carolina non-profit that encourages clean energy development by purchasing Renewable Energy Cerfiticates (RECs)

System Life
Solar electric panels are guaranteed to perform at least 80% efficient for 25 years.  That's a sustainable income for producing a clean energy resource.
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Get Disconnected!
Get Disconnected!
Far from any power lines?  Just want to be self-sustainable? Producing your own energy has a wide range of benefits.  

Off the grid PV systems will require a battery backup so that you've got energy even when the sun's not shining.  In order to be completely off the grid, it is strongly recommended that your home is very energy efficient; save energy where you can and produce it when you need it.

As such, GreenTech usually recomends a combination of solar hot water and solar electric to reduce energy demand and supply energy that is needed.

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