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Photovoltaic Systems
Roof-Mounted Systems
Roof Mounted
Remote Solar Fields
Solar Fields
Got a lot of roof space that's just doing nothing? Why not put a supplamental income-generating machine on top?
  • Produce sustainable energy/income
  • Build a greener company profile
  • Prepare your comapny for future
    carbon markets
  • Reduce your comapny's environmental impact
  • Take advantage of government stimulus money!

Don't have the roof space or land but want to make solar power part of your business?  You may be interested in GreenTech's solar fields:
  • Remotely located so the system stays put even if your business moves
  • Own a piece of an income-generating
    power plant
  • Prepare your comapny for future
    carbon markets
  • Build a greener company profile
  • Capitalize on government funding!
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Commercial Solar Hot Water
Use a lot of Hot Water?
Commercial Solar Hot Water
Why not heat it for free?

If you own a laundry mat, car wash, restaurant, hotel, or any other facility that uses endless amounts of hot water, you should consider solar hot water!  
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Build a greener company profile
  • Enjoy lifetime energy savings
  • Resistance during 
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